About me

¡Hola y bienvenido!

My name is Thomas, I am French but have lived all my life in Darmstadt, Germany. I am 24 years old and I study computer science at the Technical University Darmstadt. For my first master’s semester from July to December 2012, I did an exchange at the UNICEN, namely at the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas in Tandil, Argentina. Later on, starting in January 2013, I went on 8 months lasting round-the-world-trip, travelling most of the time with my best friend Steffen. Furthermore, I visited Central Asia with my former flat-mate Michael from August to September 2014. In 2015 I accompanied my good friend and training partner Felix to the legendary Ironman World Championship on Hawaii.

I use this blog as personal diary and tell about my experiences abroad. First, I definitely need it for myself (to sort my thoughts and impressions and to not forget too much from the huge amount of things I will eventually see and do). Additionally, interested friends are welcome to read the entries and can stay up-to-date, knowing where I am and what I am currently experiencing.

Since I have got many friends from all over the world, I will mainly publish my posts in English. As I am not a native speaker, I hope you apologize for all the mistakes I made and will make when writing on this blog.

¡Que lo disfruten!

For “CS-lers”: my couchsurfing profile