Buenos Aires, with photos!

Since this week is “la semana de la primavera y del estudiante”, we almost don’t have any courses in the university, so a few other exchange students and I have taken the opportunity to go to Buenos Aires for an extended weekend. Unlike the first time, we have not gone to a hostel but were living in a very well-located apartment with really nice guys found through the couch-surfing network (Sebastian, if you read this, thanks again for your hospitality ;-) ). Unfortunately we have missed last week’s big demonstrations and protests against Christina Kirchner and her government, but anyway you can see some impressions of this trip at the end of this post …. I really like this lively and beautiful city, but I couldn’t stay there forever, as it is too big and chaotic for me!

Apart from that, there is not so much to tell. Everything is going on very fine and living here now feels quite common and normal to me. Of course, my visa application continues its never ending story because I was told that all the expensive English translations and apostilles done in Germany are still not enough and that they additionally want everything to be translated in Spanish by a registered office (probably the one from the father-in-law of the cousin of the secretary of the international relations coordinator :D ).

But this is luckily just a side note, since I can enjoy the important things of life. You can really feel that spring is coming and the weather gets sunnier and warmer. I continue going out for running and also to a cheap fitness center just in front of my pension. Continue reading